Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why I voted for Newt in the Massachusetts Republican Primary Yesterday

First of all my 4 year old son told me to vote for "Ritt Momney" which I just can't do.  

I've lived in Western Mass my whole life and I lived through the Romney days.  Frankly back then I wasn't really interested in politics.  So I can't even begin to pretend to tell you what I thought about how he governed back in the day.  But ever since Obama's election and my return to the states (I was in China for most of Bush's presidency, and not because I didn't like him!) I have gotten into politics and economics and conservatism.  

So here are 6 reasons why I voted for Newt in the Massachusetts Republican Primary today...

1.  He is the Not-Romney candidate.  I don't want to be told who to vote for.  I don't want to give up.  I don't want to vote for a guy who can't come back at Obama about ObamaCare.  Romney won't have a good argument against Obama when he says, "Well, Mitt, we learned it by watching you!"  I do think though, that at a particular time, perhaps a week before an Obama/Romney debate on TV Romney should come out and publicly apologize for misleading the country on RomneyCare and then go through a long litany of all the problems it has and how the cost keeps going up.  (Which it does and has.)  Then, with all the apologies and numbers, Obama will be a loss for words.  

2.  My number one pick was Herman Cain, you read my post about why I was bummed when he dropped out of the race.  I was happy when he endorsed Newt.  Herman Cain was the closest I have ever come to actually sending money to a political person.  I never did because I just wanted to wait for a bit till he got stronger.  I still think Herman Cain would be a great president and I hope he tries again in 2016.

3.  Nobody's perfect.  I know all about Newt's foibles and his mistakes in life.  I also know Glenn Beck's railing against him which I don't understand.  The main point about this election to me is that we must choose a leader and keep doing what we're doing.  What would happen if a Ronald Reagan type came along?  It sounds to me like a lot of people would heave a sigh of relief and go back to what they were doing before 2009.  WRONG!  No matter what we are politically active now and I must continue to fight for conservatism no matter what!  My wife asked me that if a Republican wins the election this year then nobody will listen to Rush right?  Those years when we have one of our own in the White House we must hold their feet to the fire and make sure they start dismantling Washington bureaucracies!  I think that Newt will do that but Romney will get Potomac Poisoning and will just manage Obama's messy legacy.

4.  Thomas Sowell endorsed Newt. He wrote:

Newt Gingrich is the only candidate still in the field who can clearly take on Barack Obama in one-on-one debate and cut through the Obama rhetoric and mystique with hard facts and plain logic.
Nor is this just a matter of having a gift of gab. Gingrich has a far deeper grasp of both the policies and the politics than the other Republican candidates.
Does Gingrich have political "baggage"? More than you could carry on a commercial airliner.
Charges of opportunism have been among the most serious raised against the former Speaker of the House. But being President of the United States is the opportunity of a lifetime. If that doesn't sober a man up, it is hard to imagine what would.

For someone like Thomas Sowell who has been horribly depressing for over a year now, to be somewhat excited about the prospects of a President Newt... that's enough for me.

5.  The video below is another reason I voted for Newt.

6.  Sarah Palin voted for Newt.

Couple observations about voting in Massachusetts.  
-Apparently we do not have a voter ID law in Mass.  I said my present address, they couldn't find it, then I told them my previous address, in the same precinct and I found my name and pointed to it, and the lady said my name and I said, "Yup." and then they let me vote.  I told my wife and she commented that she could've gone to vote and they wouldn't have checked a thing.
-Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann and John Huntsman were all on the ballot.  Weird.

"It's not a question of access, it's a matter of liberty."

The liberals of this world just spent the last two weeks defending the reaction of these radical Muslims and now they are attacking the reaction of Rush Limbaugh. It's amazing that Democrats can justify the murder of people by Muslims because a book was burned, but they can't see a broad point by Rush Limbaugh in his description of a liberty issue that has been turned upside down by liberals.

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