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NPR Liberal/Progressives say FREE CONTRACEPTIVES but we must tax sugar. Unbelievable.

NPR's On Point Radio had one of the most scary shows that I've ever heard the other day called "Regulating Sugar" and since I quick Google scan revealed that the topic came up in early early February I'm a little late to it all. But the reason it was scary is because it's all too familiar, except this time I see it happening in front of my eyes and ears.

The host is talking about regulating sugar because SUGAR KILLS!!! The guest is Dr. Robert Lustig (see his video below) wants to stop people from eating sugar and also Marc Bittmann who is author of "How to cook everything" which I own and will burn very shortly.

How To Cook Everything: Simple Recipes for Great Food

Here's a couple thoughts on the show:
-The scientist sited government as the only way to stop people from eating sugar. Then completely contradicted himself when saying that a government imposed NUTRITION FACTS label on food misleads consumers. One govenment program fails we make another one so cover up the failure. As Ronald Reagan said, "The more the plans fail, the more the planners plan."

-The scientist guy is advocating a sugar perimeter around schools. Not allowing certain businesses into an area that sell these things.

-"If a parent wants their child to have a sugary drink they can buy it for them."

-A caller says that she doesn't allow her kids to eat sugar but the holidays are sugar candy after sugar candy, so she agrees with regulating sugar.

-Another caller: "If my tax dollars are going to support a health care plan for people who are less healthy then myself then I absolutely support taxing the sugar because I could get a 5 lb. bag of sugar and not use it in a whole year."

-Another caller calls up about her special needs students who at school consume chocolate milk and strawberry milk and then exhibit behavioral problems.
Again government funded food at school being given to kids and that seems to justify more government regulation.

Finally a sensible voice comes in Art Carden, a writer from Forbes and an economist and professor at Rhodes College.  But he was not given too much time on the show and the host, who did not interrupt the other guests, constantly interrupted Mr. Carden.

One thing nobody asked: What about freedom and liberty?  This is a question that I'm going to start asking from now on because the answer would speak volumes.  I would love to have heard Bittmann and Lustig tell us something like, "Well, freedom is great and all... but..."

Another issue is of course what they constantly said during the show was, we regulate alcohol and tobacco, why not sugar?  This of course was the argument by sensible people back when we started regulating those things and the slippery slope argument was poo-pooed.  My how right those sensible people were.

Taxing tobacco and alcohol has done what?  Has it curbed tobacco use?  Maybe, but millions still smoke and they go broke doing it.  Where does that tax money go??  Are people not drinking anymore?  Millions of people are drinking still and going broke doing it.  Where does that money go?

If you go out one day and kill a person, are you responsible for those actions?
If you go out one day eat a greasy hamburger and greasy fries are you not responsible for those actions?
If you go to prison for killing that person, are you not responsible for the fact that you are in prison?
If you are diagnosed with some heart disease and it's possible that it could be linked to eating that greasy hamburger, are you not responsible?
If you rot in prison for the rest of your life paying for the murder of that person are you not justly paying for your bad choices?
If you pass away from the heart disease that might have been attributed to that greasy hamburger, are you not justly paying for your bad choices?
If you are responsible for your actions and consequences... why are others not responsible?

The biggest issue the people had about this was that there was no other way to stop people from eating sugar, we HAD to tax and regulate it.  I have a solution.  Get government out of the food business, get government out of food subsidies.  Get government out of food stamps.  Get government out of school food.  Get government out of all things having to do with food and you will see an amazing change.  Regulate sugar and you will see MORE and MORE problems.

Below is Professor Lustig's speech about the dangers of Sugar.  At press time it has over 2 million views.

Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology, explores the damage caused by sugary foods. He argues that fructose (too much) and fiber (not enough) appear to be cornerstones of the obesity epidemic through their effects on insulin. Series: UCSF Mini Medical School for the Public [7/2009] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 16717]

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