Saturday, December 3, 2011

7 Reasons I'm bummed that Herman Cain stopped his campaign

1.  Political elite vs. the people - This whole story of Herman Cain's presidential bid is a very eye opening story.  Here's a guy who is totally out of the political class who is trying to do the right thing for his country.  He gets smeared and bows out.  "This is a sign for the rest of you out there.  Let us take care of the politics in this country.  Work your way up the ladder like we all did.  You can't just come in here and say some pretty words and think you'll take our jobs away from us.  We earned them.  So back off and take your turn."  It's pretty sad.

2.  Possible Sexual allegations - I'm sure many conservative pundits have said this numerous times but for those with morals, even the possibility of sexual allegations is enough to cast that candidate into doubt.  For people without morals (read Democrats, Liberals and progressives) sexual allegations are a resume enhancement.

3.  Spurious Sexual Allegations - With a closer look at the claims that have come out against Herman Cain, and it's hard since these women have all but disappeared out of the media, they've all been "he said/she said" type of allegations.  Impossible to prove and impossible to refute.  Yet, the media just continues to go along giving it credibility even though there is none.  One thing I've learned about American media and news stories is that what seems to be overwhelming news coverage today will be literally nothing in a few days.

4.  Dropping out means it's true - In my opinion, every non Cain supporter out there who see today's news that Herman Cain dropped out of the race will make the logical assumption that the accusations were true.  I still believe that he was railroaded and unfairly dealt with but to the normal American voter, dropping out means he did it.  And did it all.  He can say the contrary position but now nobody will believe him.

5.  I almost gave $$ - I heard of Herman Cain from Glenn Beck of all people and quickly found his radio program (which I hope he continues now that he's out of the race.)  I really wanted to give his campaign some money.  I never had given money to ANY campaign.  But I believed in him and really wanted to see him achieve his goal.  Money is tight though like most people.  When I heard last night that he would be giving a statement on Saturday (today) about the future of his campaign, I said to myself, "Self, if he stays in the race, I will give money.  I will give him money because I really believe in him and I believe that this was all false."  I bet there were many people out there like me, ready with their Pay Pal accounts and passwords.  But alas.  He stops the campaign and I am faced with the real possibility that I almost threw away 25 bucks to some campaign sink hole.  This will tarnish my view on political campaigns at least until I earn my first 1 million.

6.  The Real Culprits - I think there were specific people today who were breathing a sigh of relief that Herman Cain is out of the race.  I don't think it's Mitt Romney.  I don't think it's Newt Gingrich.  I think ultimately that person is Barack Obama.  You see, Obama can now rely on the race card for the rest of the campaign for 2012.  I bet he was a bit concerned in the rise of the Cain Train because of the quandary in the black community.  Obama can't have an authentic black (in blood and rearing) running against him for he would lose too many of the "I'll vote for the black candidate" type people in the 2012 election.

7.  The Truth - The sad thing about this and what I mentioned above in number 3 is that this whole issue will be over in a few days and sooner than later we'll hear more about Sharon Bialek and Ginger White.  Soon we'll hear that this was never their intention and that what they said was misconstrued and the Herman Cain was completely exonerated.  But at that point it will be too late.  I was sick of hearing the likes of Roger Hedgecock and Larry Elder railing against Mr. Cain for how he handled the situation.  I thought the way he dealt with it was exactly how he should have dealt with it.  I thought he smoking video was marketing genius.  But I guess ultimately they were right.  I did wince a couple times in those foreign policy meetings too.

Hermain Cain.  There's always 2016.

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