Monday, September 12, 2011

Dear Racist Democrats...

Dear Racist Democrats...

In the election of 2012 the world will look at America.  The world will observe our country.  They know about our past of racism and issues with "blacks and whites" (as if those are the only 2 races on earth.)  So I wanted to ask all of you democrats out there that during the 2012 election where your hero Barack Hussein Obama will be the incumbant Democrat candidate for President, that whoever the Republicans choose to go against him, that you will refrain from using the words: RACE, RACISM, BLACK MAN, PLANTATION, NEGRO, CONDFEDERATE, JIM CROW, BACK OF THE BUS, LYNCHING, BROWN PEOPLE, CIVIL RIGHTS, KKK, WHITE HOODS, etc. 
Why you might ask?  Because the world is watching.  The world isn't sure right now that America is still a place where race is a thing of the past.  The look at the election of Barack Obama and they thought, "Wow!  In America they are finally over the whole race issue."  I actually had European fans e-mail congratulations on the election of Obama.  But knowing the history of the Democrat party is really very important for you Democrats to know and for the world to know.  Guaranteed RACISM will be brought up, not by sane, thinking people on the right but by sick, racists themselves in the Democrat party.  You can already see the real RACISTS today who are talking about RACE all the time.  The Congressional Black Caucus is talking about RACE and RACISM constantly with LYNCHING and JIM CROW thrown in for good measure.  Nobody on the right is thinking this let alone saying this.  And how sick to think that you Democrats reading this right now are thinking to yourselves, "YEAH but you are thinking that way!"  You are actually trying to criminalize thought.  CRIMINIALIZE THOUGHT.  Sick.
Again I say Democrats, the world is watching.  Please don't talk about RACE in this upcoming Presidential Election of 2012.  We won't bring it up on the right but you can't resist talking about it.  You will talk about how if the US does not re-elect Barack Obama in 2012 that America is still racist and the world will see that and hear that.  They will be pushed right back into looking at the US as a horribly racist country that you Democrats believe it is because it's run by Democrats.  America isn't a racist country.  There are many racists in America.  And their political affiliation begins with a "D."

Why don't you try refraining from projection this election season? Hm?
Thank you

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