Sunday, September 11, 2011

My 9/11 Poem

It was September eleventh two thousand and one
I was 24 years old and waking up with the sun.

Living at home was only temporary
Taking my parents toilet paper, cereal and dairy.

I was looking for schools online as I think back
When my mom busted in and said, "We're Under ATTACK!"

I rushed downstairs and turned on the TV
And I saw live footage that I thought never could be.

I sat there all morning and ate lunch before the set
Watching that coverage I will never, never forget.

Years before when our family was young and pretty
We had been to the World Trade Center in New York City

We stood on the roof of that massive monument
And it was destroyed, obliterated. 100 percent.

America had changed and that wouldn't be a shock
Soon we were fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But after 9/11 we were united in many ways
It's weird to say it but I kind of miss those days.

Explanations of why they did it would just be bizarre
Mainly I think they did it because of who we are.

Freedom loving people from East coast to the Alaskan Range
We care for one another and that certainly won't change.

But 10 years after 9/11 there are some different things
We lose our vigilance and see what complacency brings.

There has always been a disagreement that exists
But today the Tea Party are considered the real terrorists?

I don't think patriotic Americans attacked us on that day
It was a sick, quasi-religious group that launched a war on the USA

But much has changed in my life over this past 10 years
I've been to China, married, had a son and had a few careers.

Even that is amazing because after that attack
I never thought normalcy would ever be coming back.

So today I will do something that isn't very fun.
I will pass on the story of 9/11 to my 3 year old son.

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