Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tax Payer Funded Media Outlet Covers up Major Obama Mistake...are we surprised?

This is from the American Thinker found at Drudge Report.  Pretty sad really.  That he got this wrong, (but with all due honesty, I didn't know it either*) and that his speech writers got it wrong and that PBS decided that they felt it necessary for some bizarre reason to take out that part of the speech.  
Why?  Why is my tax money going to people at meetings where decisions are made as to whether they cover up gaffes made by the president.  What the heck?
At one point Mr. Obama made a major gaffe; he identified Abraham Lincoln as the founder of the Republican Party.Lincoln did not join the Republicans until 1856, over two years after the party was founded. The first Republican convention was held in Ripon, Wisconsin in 1854.Such a gaffe would have brought huge amounts of ridicule and derision on George W. Bush, but in the case of Obama the media yawned.
 *I do know that Lincoln was a Republican and one of the first major Republicans but I was not aware that Lincoln was not a founder.  Still, this gaffe could easily have been explained away like the Olberamnn explained away Hoffa's line of "take the sons of bitches out" where he was really talking about.... voting.

Yeah. Right.

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