Monday, June 4, 2012

Can Someone Explain Why E.J. Dionne is a credible journalist/commentator?

I try to read and or listen to all sides.  I want to be a good American and listen to both sides.  But WTF?!?  If the other side is as brainless and "holier than thou" as E.J. Dionne, then maybe I'll just go back to reading Breitbart and listening to Rush and save myself some time.

In Dionne's new piece at the Wash Po he laments about the possibility of wasting the next 5 months and 2 billion dollars on the election if we haven't come to a conclusion about what we're really talking about in terms of the issues.  So he decides to spell out HIS issues and it's hilarious.

But instead of boring you with his article I'll just get to the money quote and we'll be done with it.

Conservatives might rebel against the way I frame our objectives. In talking about the budget, I do not even bring up reducing taxes. That is because I think the evidence shows that if we are serious about balancing the budget, government needs more revenue.  

1.  Not object, but rebel.  I thought liberals were all about rebelling?

2.  "evidence shows" yet no evidence mentioned.

3.  Evidence shows what exactly? That people who make money, then forced to give it to government who then redistribute it to others, are most likely going to keep working hard for the ever decreasing amount that they "get to keep"?  Look back on the theories of human motivation!

4.  serious about balancing the budget?  Since when did it take more money to balance the budget?  Key Word EJ: Balance.

5.  Gov't needs more revenue.  Really?  To dump down the rat hole that is Solyndra?  To waste it on research on the sexual practices of autistic snails in Brazil?  Or do they need more revenue to pay down the debt because we know how big a joke that is.

There's so much more to this article that even a lowly blogger like me doesn't even want to waste my time refuting it.  Mr. Dionne is a frequent guest on Rachel Maddow's show which I also torture myself listening to it.  Recently he's been overly appreciative of her having him as a guest on the show.  Perhaps that's the only show who will have him.  Sad. 

Advice time: Mr. Dionne, read 2 Thomas Sowell books and write an e-mail to me in 2 months.  Then tell me if you've been cured of your silliness.

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