Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bring on the jobs debate: 4 Arguments for Obama vs. Romney on Jobs

Roger Hedgecock wrote a good piece here on World Net Daily called "Bring on the Jobs Debate."  There are good points he makes.  Here's the money quote:

President Obama has pursued a government-led, debt-financed "stimulus" and investments in "green" companies while Romney at Bain pursued a private capital rescue of failing companies.

But for fun, let's think about the arguments that Obama might give about his horrible jobs track record:

1.  "Mitt Romney's been at this much longer than I have, give me four more years and I'll invest MORE making sure they win!!"

2.  "Who needs another Domino's Pizza or Staples?  Why didn't Bain Capital believe in green energy?"

3.  "Romney's investments failed too!"

4.  "Vote for me and government-led, debt-financed "stimulus" investments are all we're going to have.  Oh and donate to my campaign so that you can get some of the love spread around!"

Can you think of any other arguments that Obama could make?!

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