Saturday, April 21, 2012

How Conservatives can get their Favorite Pundit's Newest Articles in their INBOX as soon as it's Posted using

1. Find a site that has an author that you like to read. I have Gregory Mankiw, Byron York, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell etc.

2. Locate the RSS button on that site for the author's article. Sometimes it's hard to find but here's a list.

3. Go to and sign up.

4. I'm going to do Thomas Sowell's articles so I will start by clicking CREATE TASK


6. Find the RSS feed icon, click on it. Then click NEW FEED ITEM.

7. Now do a Google Search for Thomas Sowell. you'll find a number of places that his article is available. Townhall, Human Events, Creators Syndicate etc. I chose Creators Syndicate.

8. At the bottom of the article you'll see a button that says RSS FEED. Right click and click COPY LINK ADDRESS
Here's the actual RSS address:

9. Go back to

10. Paste the RSS feed you just copied into the FEED URL box. Click CREATE TRIGGER. On IF THIS THAN THAT, Click THAT

11. On Choose Action Level, choose E-MAIL, or G-mail. I chose G-mail. Then click on SEND E-MAIL

12. Put in your e-mail address or that annoying liberal who you want to convince to not vote for Obama. (Just kidding.) Then in the subject line I recommend you add the name THOMAS SOWELL because that way you know what the e-mail is when it comes in your inbox. {{EntryTitle}} = means the Title of Mr. Sowell's article will appear in the subject line.

13. In the body you should paste this: {{EntryImageUrl}} {{EntryContent}}

from {{FeedTitle}} {{EntryUrl}} {{EntryPublished}}
Basically this all means that you are posting any image from the article (he has very few) and the Content or article, the feed title and the URL so that you can click on it and see the article and the date it was published.

14. I honestly don't know what the last part about an attachment is.

15. Click CREATE TRIGGER. and name it whatever you want.


17. And you are done. Be patient. He writes these once a week. The best part about this is that you can immediately forward it to your friends and it's all internally on your e-mail so it's much more convenient.

Here are the RSS that I've used:
Larry Elder:
Gregory Mankiw:
Cafe Hayek:
Byron York:
Jonah Goldberg:
Walter E. Williams:

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