Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dear Rachel Maddow, Give your Rhodes Scholarship back

Dear Rachel Maddow,
I'm a conservative American from near your hometown in Massachusetts and I listen to your show (podcast) every night.  As you can imagine, as a conservative there are many things I disagree with you about but I think it's good to hear your side of the issues.  I heard your Tuesday show and now I am ashamed to say that I listen to you.  Your topic about minimum wage and your opinion about it is unbelievably uneducated.  The fact that you don't talk about the effect, well documented I might add (do a Google search for Walter E. Williams or Thomas Sowell) of a rising minimum wage on business and employment is truly worrying.  Just because it's a populist winner doesn't mean that it's good for the people and the country.
Raising the minimum wage (let alone the existence of a minimum wage) causes unemployment for the most vulnerable in our society, minorities and women.  If you don't know that or have never heard that before, I would suggest that you do the same as I do: listen to the other side of the issues.  You are cheating your viewers and followers by NOT educating them in this way.
The way I see it: Minimum wage hurts blacks, hispanics, ex-cons, women and people who have no training or experience.  (Funny how that list is exactly the list the Democrats tells us they support!)  If there were no minimum wage laws there would be full employment.  With abolishing minimum wage, people have the freedom to find a job that pays what they think they are worth.  If the boss says they will pay you 10 cents an hour, why would a sensible person work there?  That idiot boss paying 10 cents an hour would have to raise that by himself to the market price so people would actually come to work for them.  Why does the minimum wage hurt that group of people and raise unemployment?  Why should a boss pay someone an amount of money that they are not worth?  They will hire less people due to the higher cost of hiring and keeping that employee. 
By raising the minimum wage, the Democrats are literally sending those jobs overseas.  Again, just because it's a populist winner doesn't mean that it's good for the people and the country.

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