Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sir Bob Geldof Calls for Free Contraceptives for all Women so People will stop having so many Children!!

-This is the key, this is an internationalist, progressive, green and fascist world view.  Free contraceptives is a way to stop the population growth.
"It's estimated that if 200 million women were given free contraceptives, it could stop 80 million unintended pregnancies," Geldof, the musician and activist, said yesterday at the second Gulf Intelligence Food Security Forum in the capital.  "That would bring world population growth to a halt - which is a start."  He said Arab countries' populations were rising faster than those elsewhere - by an average of 1.7 per cent a year, compared with the global average of 1.2 per cent.  But in a relative basis, women's advancement is on the move in the Arab world compared to other large parts such as rural China, parts of Africa and India."
Here's the key:
"But Geldof called on the UAE to accept the harsh reality now and avoid disastrous consequences later.  They either find a cultural way to make this acceptable or they're going to have an anthropogenic critical event," he said."
-I love it! "Make it culturally acceptable..." Amazing the audacity. The most interesting thing that a lot of these lefties believe is that only through an iron fist they can control population growth.  Little do they know, that it's actually Capitalism that curbs population growth, take a look at Japan, US etc.  So it must be a different aim for all this.  There is: CONTROL. 
Who the heck is Bob Geldof?

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