Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Lesson in 2012 from the Dutch East Indies circa 19th century

"The rhetoric of peace and ethics overlaid a reality of endemic violence.  Colonial wars, revolts led by prophets, and the coercive reach of the state through government departments and regulations brought turmoil where apologists claimed only to seek "order."

I'm studying Southeast Asia now through an online Masters course and I came across this quote in a chapter about the creation of the Netherlands East Indies from 1750-1914 and I thought it had particular relevance to what is going on in America circa 2012.  

There is definitely a rhetoric that overlays a reality in our country today.  Sure it might not be violence but if you think that throwing out one of the rights in the Bill of Rights could be construed as violence then I think you might have an argument there.  

But the coercive part was really good.  The Democrat party today is all about coercion.  The health care bill was just a beginning and now there are talks of insurance companies that just can't continue.  The whole contraceptives issue is just coercion to have women vote Democrat.  The rhetoric on MSNBC (I listen to Maddow every night I can) is that if you vote Republican they will take away all reproductive rights in this country.  Nobody on the show challenges it.

But the coercion comes from the government departments and regulations.  This couldn't be more familiar.  If you watch Stossel or Napalitano on Fox you'll know about this.  There's even a book that reveals that Americans break 3 felonies a day.  And "turmoil" is the word that could describe America today.  Turmoil my whole life (born in 1977) since Roe v. Wade happened and more that I'm probably leaving out.  

All the Democrats want is order right?  They want cheap fuel but vote not to XL pipeline.  They want green cars but only the rich can buy them.  They want infrastructure done but their own environmentalists won't even allow it.  They want diversity even if it means people can't speak the same language.  They want the illegal immigrants to be able to vote because they can coerce them into voting Democrat.  They bring contraceptives and homosexuality into every living room while it should be back in their own bedrooms.  They support the police unions but then they crap on cop cars.  They support all things Muslim (because it's not Christian) and then do things that most Muslims would abhor!  That is the "order" they seek.  Looks like to me a lot of disorder.

The paining in the post is the capture of Pangeran Diponegoro, a Java Prince who came to negotiate with the Dutch under the white truce flag but was arrested.  He is a hero in Indonesia.  The painting is by Raden Selah

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