Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tax those who work hard 003: Letters to the Editor

We're coming this time from the Times Reporter from Philadelphia, Ohio to which we found an interesting letter to the editor. Below is our doctored quote and my response underneath:

I hear everybody blaming Obama for there not being any jobs in this country. He wanted to tax the rich take money from corporations that work really hard despite government looming over them and the oil companies and gas companies and the Republicans said, “Well, you can’t do that, because they create the jobs - they’re the job creators.”
I want someone please to answer this question. If that’s true, then where are all the jobs? And they’re trying to blame Obama for all these jobs going overseas. I have news for you, it’s the rich corporations, the oil companies and the gas companies that work hard despite hatred from some Americans that are creating all the jobs. Unfortunately, they’re creating them in other countries.

Is it not obvious?  If Obama wants to tax them to punish them... yet you complain that they aren't creating jobs in the US?  Do you think the other governments where they move their jobs are planning to tax (punish) them?  No.  That's why they move there.  Lower the taxes...they'll come back.  Simple.

NOTE: I also find it funny that the Times Reporter used the title: "30 Seconds: Politicians in the crosshairs" as the title to this piece.  Where's the civility?  Isn't that violent language... I feel like... I ... need ... a   gun...

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