Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Book of Man... the book of the Century

I got this book the other day for my son who is 3 years old.  Actually to be honest I got it for myself too.  Not that I don't know what it means to be a man but I just wanted a nice collection of manly type literature to have in my library so that my son would grow up knowing these people and stories.

Our first story was the first one in the book. About the soldier.  My son calls them heroes from the Oliver North book that I got for my dad but kept at our house because I was more interesting in it than he was. American Heroes: In the Fight Against Radical Islam (War Stories)

Anyway.  The book is huge and well worth the money.  Flipping through it I just get excited about what I will learn about being a man and how my son will have a leg up in life being a man of God.

I then flipped through and read the story about Pistol Pete Maravich to my wife.  She was fascinated.  We learned from that story that only God can really fill the void in our lives.

Then I read the story of Nolan Ryan to my son.  (His name is Ryan and he loves baseball) to which he really understood that he throws the ball faster than daddy can drive a car.

All in all I would highly recommend this book.  I will show it to my family members who also have boys and I am sure they will enjoy it too.

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