Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Living on Social Security 006: Buying Store Brands...OH THE HUMANITY!

This time we have a story from New Jersey where a journalist is introducing a horrible idea of BUYING STORE BRANDS OVER NAME BRANDS! Oh my goodness! The humanity! But the author throws in a familiar comment about one of the people he's featuring in his article:

"Price is very, very important, especially with food getting so expensive," said Agnes DeLuca of Ridgefield Park after shopping at a nearby ShopRite.
At 84 and living on Social Security, DeLuca freely tries store brands, "and they’re sometimes just as good," she said.
Part of the debate is over the quality of off brands and store brands. Consumer Reports has had mixed results in tests of a wide range of products, and individual consumers report similar results.

Did you get that?  The reason that she is buying "off brand" food is because she's on Social Security.  But wait, I thought Social Security was great?!  I thought it was beloved, as Rachel Maddow of MSNBC has said many times.  Look, I buy "off brand foods" all the time because it makes sense and I don't have to buy the store brands!  OK?  But I'm not on Social Security.  Plus, if Agnes wasn't on Social Security and had tons of money that she had personally invested over the years and was now in her waning years drawing on her own savings, do you think she would still be buying store brands?!  Most likely YES!

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