Monday, October 10, 2011

Living on Social Security Post 003 "...being reduced annually..."

Today we go to Craig Colorado and the online publication of the Craig Daily Press.

We meet an elderly gentleman who has had his power cut off by the local electric company. In the article the father's son wants to tug on our heart strings and informs us of the old man's plight. The son tells us:

“He’s been living on Social Security and a military pension that has been reduced almost annually.”

Wait a second here.  We sympathize.  Here we have two government programs that are failing this old guy in Colorado.  He's paid into Social Security and now he gets next to nothing.  Stinks right?  But no, this is a beloved program.  This is a great program that is constitutional, right?

How much do you think he would be getting right now if he had personally saved his money and invested it over these many years!?  He'd have enough to put his electricity back on, that's for sure!

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