Monday, October 10, 2011

Al Sharpton and a caller debating Herman Cain's blackness while the CAIN TRAIN blasts Obama

"He's called us brainwashed...he's not trying to get black votes."

So the not-so-Reverend wants all of us in America, all of us in white America to know that the real authentic black people in this country are:
1.  overly sensitive,
2.  have race on their minds at all times,
3.  call themselves reverend when they're not even close,
4.  angry at America for its past,
5.  demand compensation from America's future
6.  Democrats.
7.  not Republicans
8.  most definitely not free market promoters
9.  not to be made fun of but Republican or conservative blacks are fair game.
10.  Are not liked by real white people other than white Democrats.
11.  Still need to be told what to do by so called black leaders.
12.  Able to find racism in anything from greeting cards to cereal boxes and from the name of the president's house to the opposite of black and white printing.

Move your demonstration to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

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