Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Liberals call for the Death of Sarah Palin or @theOrlandoJones loves the Constitution!

Really funny.  Orlando Jones, a funny actor, on twitter the other day called for the death of Sarah Palin like the death of Gaddafi.  Sure Orlando, it's a joke and we know you are joking, and I would never say that you shouldn't say this but what you are advocating for whether you know it or not is support of the Constitution!

If someone is annoyed or unhappy that you said this, your number one response is "I have the freedom of speech" which is exactly correct.  But if you are demanding that your freedom of speech be enforced then what about the rest of the constitution?  If one part of the constitution is thrown out than your freedom of speech will be thrown out too!

Remember though, pot shots at people like Sarah Palin don't mean anything in our world today.  No radical Sarah Palin supporter is going to stalk your next Hollywood set and try to be violent to you.  Why not really use your freedom of speech, really put yourself on the line, and take a real gutsy step and support Herman Cain.  As a black man you will be bashed so hard and relentlessly BECAUSE you are black.  Then tell me about freedom of speech and how "liberal" and "open minded" your friends are.  Not to mention saying anything negative about Islam.

Orlando, we have freedom of speech.  Don't waste it.

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