Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Elizabeth Warren created #OccupyWallStreet much like Algore created the internet

Good old Elizabeth Warren stepped in it again by basically saying that she created the Occupy Wall Street protests and has essentially as of the end of October lost the race to unseat Scott Brown. According to the Huffpo:
"Warren also said that she supported the Occupy Wall Street protests. "I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do," she added, referring to her academic research on consumer debt."

So let's just be clear about what Elizabeth Warren is supporting.  Here's a great list from IBD:

• Setting the tone in September, protesters — frustrated by the lack of media attention to their original "Days of Rage" protests — got attention by blocking traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge and keeping citizens from getting home. They drew 700 arrests there and, days later, another 70 arrests in Times Square.
• At Zuccotti Park, semi-private property Occupy took over without a permit, they turned the grounds into a public toilet. Garbage piled up for weeks, attracting rats, roaches and stench. New York's mayor forced them out to clean up, but they came right back, oblivious to how the problem emerged in the first place.
• Protesters showed high contempt for the authority that so accommodated them. The Daily Mail ran a photograph of a protester openly defecating on a police car.
• Protesters also showed no respect for the locals. Residents reported nonstop shouting and "drum circle" noise through the wee hours of the night, depriving workers and their children of their sleep.
• Landmarks — such as the bronze statue known as "Briefcase Man," an icon to New Yorkers because of its survival in the rubble of the World Trade Center attacks — were defaced by Occupiers.
• Thieves are roaming the park, drawn by the lawless atmosphere.• Protesters also trashed local businesses, using eateries' bathrooms without buying and driving business away from vendors who paid for permits to be there.
Across the country, the picture is the same:
• In Los Angeles, calls for violence and exiling of "the Jews" were proposed at Occupy protests. Dozens were arrested in a march on a bank.
• In Boston, another 100 Occupy protesters got themselves arrested.
• In Oakland, cops called the Occupy protests a Hobbesian "Lord of the Flies" crime-fest, as the blog Verum Serum reported, with death threats, a dog-siccing incident on a reporter, and perverts sidling into young women's tents and demanding "gratification."
• In Washington, D.C., the Occupiers set out to make themselves a nuisance. The Washington Post's Dana Milbank reported that the rabble invaded a Senate building solely to press every button in the elevator "precisely to inconvenience everyone," as one told him.
• In Seattle, Occupy drew criminals. A serial flasher who had molested a child headed over to the protests, attracted by the lawlessness and "tolerance."
• In Portland, an employer told protesters he wanted to hire. None of the slackers were interested.
• In Cleveland, a 19-year-old woman said she was raped in her tent after someone calling himself "Leland" was assigned there due to a shortage of tents. No one has claimed responsibility for that one.
• In Arizona, 53 Occupy protesters got themselves arrested in Tucson and 46 in Phoenix.

Why would any Massachusetts resident vote for someone who supports all that and even takes credit for all that?  Vote Scott Brown! 

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