Monday, September 5, 2011

Idaho Man Shoots Mama Grizzly Bear before it kills his kids, goes to court

Standing in front of the judge you say to him, "Imagine for a moment... you live in the boondocks.  You have 6 kids.  You love America and provide for your family and have no care for the government because it doesn't care about you.  You know the Fish and Game Warden is technically part of the federal government but you know the local warden by name.

Your kids are playing outside having fun and you see out of the corner of your eye a big mama grizzly bear rumbling into the yard.  You look to see the kids.  They haven't noticed.  You look back at the bear.  It has seen the kids and has started toward them.

Scenarios start shooting through your mind.  You envision bloody bodies of your kids, arms strewn around and legs missing bodies.  This will not stand.  Imagine if you didn't do anything, if you let the bear eat your kids, maul your kids, imagine what the neighbors would ask?  "Didn't you see the bear?"  "Where was your gun?"  "Why didn't you do anything?"  Imagine the personal anguish of losing one or two kids to a bear if not more.

No.  Where was your bolt action rifle?  There wasn't much time.  The bear was in the middle of the yard now.  One or two more seconds and the kids would notice it.  Then all hell would break loose.  Then for a split second, a thought enters your head.  Grizzly bears, especially females, are on the endangered species list.  Your children are not.  Heck, people are aborting babies all over the place but bears?  What if I shoot the bear?  Would I be arrested for shooting a mama grizzly?  Surely any Boundary County bureaucrat in my boots would do the same if it meant their children.  Would those pencil neck geeks actually NOT kill the bear because it was federally protected only to have one or two of their kids killed and then be brought up on child negligence charges or child endangerment charges?

If you don't act now you'll be down two kids, you think.  Sometimes it makes sense to act now and think through your options later.  When it means your kids' lives there isn't much to think about.

HEY!  You shout.  Attracting the eyes of both kids and the mama grizzly.  With the rifle raised and the bear in your sites, you pull the trigger and save your kids' lives."

The court room falls silent.  You see those bureaucrats squirm.  You can hear the people supporting you outside.  Surely there aren't any bear supporters outside, but there's a first for everything.  You look at your wife in the back of the courtroom.  You see your 6 kids.  And wait for the verdict...
Story found here.
From Red State.

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