Saturday, September 3, 2011

AT&T T-Mobile Merger and my co-worker

Yesterday my co-worker blew up about politics.  Now she is not political, she's hispanic (she's taught me so much about her culture and food) and a very energetic and a good worker (she has 2 jobs and other side jobs!).  Her father came from Puerto Rico when they were young and have struggled but are doing well.  Her father must have taught her his work ethic.

She freaked out about the AT&T and T-Mobile merger yesterday when she read an article about Washington getting involved.  I sat there agreeing with her without much info.  But the reason she was so annoyed is that she is a T-mobile customer with her hacked iPhone.  (long story)  She can't stand T-mobile and was somewhat suckered into signing another year contract with T-mobile until August of 2012.  She went on a 10 minute rant on their customer service and how they screwed up her trip to Germany where she couldn't contact ANYONE with her T-mobile account and the response after the trip from the employee was, "We just saved you lots of money so why are you so ticked off?"

The silver lining was that AT&T was going to buy them out.  She was so excited about this and now it was dashed upon the rocks.  We talked about free market principles in this situation.  I mentioned that T-mobile didn't have a gun to their head, they agreed to this deal because they agreed that it made good economic sense.    My co-worker also tells me that T-mobile is in bad shape.  So this would have been a big boost to T-mobile.

There's still Sprint right?  There's still Verizon right?  Anybody have a good piece about this merger from a conservative angle?

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