Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eric Boehlert, Ring Wing Media and Hurricane Irene

Yeah.  I know.  How deranged is this?

The media today, and I don't mean conservative radio, is all about getting out there first with the ridiculous comments that are so ridiculous that nobody even wants to waste their breath refuting them.

Projection?  I am afraid that a lot of liberals out there were hoping that Irene was pretty bad for a couple reasons:
1.  Further proof that Global Warming must be addressed
2.  The earthquake earlier this month didn't do enough damage in the Northeast to be able to blame it all on Global Warming.
3.  Obama went to some Hurricane center to "take charge" so that he could be praised for taking charge.  He ended up looking like a fool by taking charge of nothing.
4.  Any natural disaster confirms the perceived need for federal government help which only helps liberals because they are the only ones out there who want government to get bigger and bigger.

Plus Mr. Boehlert, Liberals are the only ones who blame natural disasters on government officials that they don't like.  Remember Katrina and Bush??

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