Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I love Vince Flynn! (in a author/fan type way!)

I started listening to the audio book of American Assassin.  Another Vince Flynn masterpiece.  His action is so vivid that I am right there.  I'm not at work scanning book covers and putting books together, I'm at the training grounds with Hurley and Rapp (Irving) hearing the verbal abuse and really loving it.  My co-workers think I'm listening to my regular conservative podcasts but sometimes you need a break and Vince Flynn books are perfect.  

This story is the origin story of Mitch Rapp and how he started and why he became the bad a$$ that he is.  Highly recommended.  Enjoy it.  Love it.  Because I do.  

Note on the good writing:  In this particular book I heard one part when the shrink was talking to Rapp about his catholic faith.  The question was "how do you justify the idea that you believe what Jesus said about loving one another and the fact that you are becoming a trained killer?  Rapp's response was great.  He talked about how intellectually idiotic that question was because you have to ignore all the Old Testament.  That was a pretty quick and good come-back!

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