Monday, April 11, 2011

Stopping Medicare As We Know It...

Jonah Goldberg on NRO has a great piece about Paul Ryan's plan.  He eludes to these Democrats as freaking out about Medicare saying, "Paul Ryan wants to stop Medicare as we know it."  Goldberg has a great comeback:
"Here’s the thing: Of course he wants to end Medicare as we know it. You know why? Because the way we know it right now, the program is barreling toward insolvency.  Personally, if I were on a plane that had one engine out and was belching smoke, I would certainly hope somebody with some judgment and competence might calmly remove his oxygen mask long enough to suggest “ending this flight as we know it.”
The airline "MEDICAIR" above has two engines on fire, the landing gear is broken and the pilot just bailed.  Yet the Democrats are still complaining that the Republicans want to stop Medicare.

Mr. Goldberg finishes his article this way:

Democrats sound a little like the passenger on the failing plane who complains, “You can’t end this flight as we know it! The airline promised we could get to Cincinnati!”  I’ll give you a hint what’s wrong with this. The correct response to such complaints isn’t, “Oh, they promised? Well, let me tell the captain to stick to his original flight plan. I’m sure he’ll be delighted to violate the laws of physics in order to honor that promise.”

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