Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dear Eugene Robinson, One Simple Question

Eugene Robinson
Leave it to Eugene Robinson, the giggling guy on the Olberman show from a few years back (which I listened to and didn't know he was black for a long time but when I realized that, it didn't change my mind about how silly some of his ideas are) wrote a real eye-roller of a column over at his home at the Washington Post on the Supreme Court's ruling that Obamacare stands as the largest tax increase EVER.

Funny thing is that he never mentioned "tax."  

Here are some of the more eye-rolling comments he said:

"Much more important is what the ruling means in the long term for the physical and moral health of the nation."

Moral?  Moral?  Tell me where in the 2000 page document where Obama heals our moral health?  I'll save you some time: NEVER!

"the Affordable Care Act was intended as just a beginning. We have far to go, but at least we're on our way."

Oh yeah. This is great.  Just like a Utopian statist.  All of their big initiatives are beginnings.  Never done.  Never done tinkering.  Never happy to leave people alone.

Now Mr. Robinson gives us the biggest eye-roller yet when he talks about the silly system we have now where your job gives you your health insurance:

"this is a haphazard and inefficient delivery route that puts U.S. businesses at a disadvantage against foreign competitors, most of which shoulder no such burden. Tying health insurance to the workplace also distorts the labor market and discourages entrepreneurship by forcing some employees to stay where they are — even in dead-end jobs..."

Oh this is rich.  I agree that businesses providing health insurance is not good because it creates this silly 3rd party system where nobody really knows the cost of what you are getting.  But here you have a liberal progressive democrat who is pretending to care about entrepreneurs and US business competitiveness.  That is the funniest joke EVER!  Mr. Robinson doesn't give a fig for business!  And yet...this is where all the money comes from to buy the POST!


"When that next big push takes place, it will be with the underlying assumption that health care should be available to all who need it regardless of their ability to pay — that it is not a privilege but a right."

Regardless of their ability to pay?  And who will pay Mr. Robinson?  One simple question.  Who will pay?  

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