Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Watch as Rep. Markey (D. MA) takes a little bit more of our liberty...

Great. Rep. Markey Democrat of Massachussetts wants to allow the FDA to regulate shampoo and cosmetics because American voters are too stupid to buy their own freaking shampoo...we need government to make sure it won't kill us first.  Starting at the 5:40 mark you can hear:
"and as you know most people believe that the government makes sure that personal care products like shampoo and costmetics are safe before they are sold ummm... Does the FDA have statutory authority to require safety testing of cosmetic products before they go on the market?"
"We do not...."
"Can you recall a product?"
"If safety issues, it would be voluntary..."
"We'd be interested in working towards the goal to give you the authority to work on these issues."
"Terrific, thank you."

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