Friday, November 18, 2011

"The Abusive Relationship" --A Poem about Obama and his love for America

It seems as though lately on the president's round trip
He acts as if we're in some abusive relationship
He goes around the world and what might be kinda crazy
He tells everyone that Americans have been lazy.
He goes on TV without the slightest inhibition
And announces that the USA has lost all her ambition!
"We've lost what it takes to build the Golden Gate!"
What does he expect when we become a welfare state?!
He later said that the US "used to make the best stuff"
Sorry that his life in the White House has been rough.
"America's gotten soft." He said another time
I'm telling you this kind of abuse is a crime!
I'm sure the American people were heartened and were warmed
When his wife said that we were "uninvolved and uninformed"
I'm sure there are some Americans who believe that he's correct
But in 2012 the question is "Who will you elect?"
With four long years of abuse under the watching Big Brother
Will you take it and say "thank you sir can I have another?"
Each and every word he says is like another bruise
Who really wants four more years of this kind of abuse?

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