Friday, October 7, 2011

#OccupyWallStreet Week: Social Pressure or the Ballot Box? or Force vs. Choice?

"As protesters sleep in Zuccotti Park, N.Y. police officers receive instructions. A group of activists calling themselves Occupy Wall Street targeted the Financial District for more than a week of demonstrations in late September. The group said they sought to bring attention to corporate malfeasance, social inequality, and the yawning gap in income between America's rich and poor. (Eduardo Munoz/Reuters)"
From's Big Picture.

A well done video that speaks for itself.
3:50 mark a woman says, "The only way that people like us with no power and no money can change things is through social pressure."  
ummm... how about the ballot box??
6:50 mark a guy says, "If you are wondering why there isn't a radical left response to the Tea Party, you should be here.  If you have a ton of student debt you should be here.  If you paid any taxes last year you paid more taxes then GE, you should be here."
So if this is an answer to the Tea Party and everyone agrees that the Tea Party is for smaller government, then these people are for what, BIGGER GOVERNMENT?  Then he says, he has "tons of student debt"... is he blaming Wall Street for that?  Is he blaming himself for that?  Is he blaming the banks for that?  He should be blaming the government for that.  It's an academic enslavement.  Blame the schools for that.  But he won't.  He's also blaming GE for not paying taxes... who does the GE CEO work for now?  Obama.  But that's ok because he wants bigger government.  But I do like the idea that he asks, "If you paid taxes last year..."  That's funny.

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