Monday, October 3, 2011

Leftist, Tree Hugging, Environmental, no growth Marxists want to be a tree when they die.

StumbleUpon is a wealth of leftist nonsense and when skimming through the dense undergrowth the other day I came across this gem.

That's right, some bonehead (wish I thought of it) came up with this idea where you have some big cup and inside is dirt with a seed.  When the tree hugger dies and gets cremated, the ashes get poured into this cup.  Then supposedly your ashes, soul and charred remains are present in this tree that grows from the cup.  WTF?!

It's perfect for the greenies because when they are gone and nobody remembers where their tree is... I'll be the first to chop it down.  I can imagine they might even pay for some plaque with their name engraved.

Pretty soon we'll have some leftist tree hugging movie come out of Hollywood talking about a reincarnated leftist progressive Marxist who reunites with his Soul Tree.  That'll be the name of it.

Read the real stuff here.

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