Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Herman Cain: Priceless Campaign ad

I'm a cracker for Cain!

Also a great article from American Thinker about how Herman Cain's generator at a recent speech in Tennessee went down and Cain burst into a song called "Impossible Dream" while waiting for the generator to get back online.

He had just started delivering his talk when the generator fueling his mike failed. After a few awkward moments, Cain did the most amazing thing, something perhaps unique in the annals of politics: he started singing -- and an apt song, "The Impossible Dream."  Perhaps inspired by the power of music, Cain even ended his appearance with a hymn about God's infinite grace and forgiveness called "He Looked Beyond My Faults."One could hardly imagine Obama handling the situation so seamlessly and graciously.  When his teleprompter fails, Obama is usually rendered speechless or tongue-tied.  My guess is that Obama also becomes irritated at the people running the show.
Yeah, one wonders how Obama would've handled it.  George Bush too!
Here's what Cain said after the song from Fox News:
"You know, when it's your rally, you can do what you want to do!" Cain says as he finishes with a raucous laugh. The 500 or so supporters who have jammed the strip mall parking lot to hear the Republican Party's newest star speak roar their approval.
 Video link to YouTube:

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