Friday, September 23, 2011


Vacations?  NOPE.
Nail Salon?  Nope.
Haircuts?  NOPE.
Visits to Dave and Busters?  NOPE.
Eating out?  Nope.
Donuts Donuts and more Donuts?  Nope.
Who does this describe?  Me.  A hard working tax payer who is OUTRAGED at this following story.  Taxpayers money goes to the "poor" who in turn use the money for all the things that I CAN'T AFFORD!  Why?  Because I'm taxed too much.
Wow this burns me up.

A Team 5 Investigation found more than $2.3 million in Massachusetts welfare money, meant to help the needy buy food, pay their rent and clothe their children, has been spent in locations outside the state in a three-month period, including pricey vacation destinations like Hawaii, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
In July, lawmakers signed off on a plan to stop welfare recipients from buying alcohol, tobacco and lottery tickets with cash assistance. But critics told Team 5 the state’s so-called crackdown doesn’t go far enough.
“People want to help people who are in need; that’s the way we’re built in Massachusetts. But by the same token you don’t want to be taken to the cleaners,” said Jim Stergios, executive director of the Pioneer Institute.
Team 5 obtained three months of electronic benefit card transactions by welfare recipients, and sorted the data by state and address. The money was accessed from October 2010 through December 2010. It’s a straightforward analysis that officials at the Massachusetts Dept. of Transitional Assistance said they’ve never done.
“Currently, with the systems that are in place today, one could look at this kind of information on a regular basis,” said Mike Widmer, president of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation.
Currently, there are 73,000 households receiving cash assistance, and benefit amounts are determined based on a variety of factors, including household size, monthly income and household expenses.
Team 5’s analysis found $2,335,188.50 was spent in 45 different states as well as the Caribbean, raising serious questions about how the Commonwealth’s neediest people can afford to travel on the taxpayer’s dime.
Public assistance recipients spent $224,734.81 in sunny Florida, $207,967.37 in New York, and $58,310 in Pennsylvania, according to state records.

From Boston Channel

Here's a classic post from Ed Shultz, the moron from MSNBC who claims we need to do MORE for the poor.  You know, because if we don't, they won't be able to spend so much at the nail salon or go to Hawaii.

************************ BAD LANGUAGE ALERT *******************************
Here's a new hit on YouTube about this IN YOUR FACE video of what is really going on in America.

Basically the lyrics are:
"All you have to do is F***
and then come the big bucks"

Very sad.

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