Sunday, September 25, 2011

Living on Social Security Post 001 - "...They take a shot at disability."

I've decided on our blog to start a series. The series will be short posts of articles that I find around the world and around the web of absolute hypocrisy. Today we are told that Social Security is solvent. Social security is beloved. Social Security is wonderful. Social security is a great government program.

But here's the problem.

All across the media there are articles that tell us that people are " on social security" and we as money earning tax payers are supposed to feel sad for them and feel sorry for those people. WHY? If this is such a great program and these people are using the program, why is this said, reported and written in a way to tug at our heart strings.

So this is the beginning of what I hope to be a long and arduous task to expose this hypocrisy.

Beginning with the Portland Tribune.

Here we have a great article about people who are down and out in our society and basically clinging to government because there is no where else to turn. Then there's this gem from the Social Security Commissioner in the state of Oregon I think:

“It’s primarily economic desperation,” says Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue. “People on the margins, they take a shot at disability.”
WHAT? They take a shot at disability? Really? SO they aren't disabled? And you say this and you know this? What absolute corruption. These people should be thrown off the dole because they are "taking a shot." The tax payers of Oregon RISE UP! There are people who are literally stealing your money because they can.

But a Social Security spokesman reassures those in Oregon that this isn't true:

“While there is a general consensus that a poor economy increases disability applications, there is not statistical data available that would substantiate a claim that young able-bodied individuals are applying for disability regardless of the stated impairment,” he says. “In order to be considered disabled, you still have to meet our criteria.”
Yeah. Right.

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