Wednesday, September 28, 2011

15 Liberal/Progressives and their nicknames

1.  Barack Obama - Bamster, Big O, Communist, Socialist, Milhouse (Mark Levin)
2.  Joe Biden - Plugs (Mark Levin) Joe BiteMe (Rush Limbaugh)
3.  Nancy Pelosi - Stretch (Mark Levin)
4.  Michelle Obama - Michelle My Belle (Rush Limbaugh)
5.  Hillary Clinton - Her Thighness (Mark Levin)
6.  Bill Clinton - Slick Willie, BJ Bill Jefferson Clinton (Mark Levin) the Pervert (Mark Levin)
7.  Jim Webb - Jim "Melonhead" Webb (Mark Levin)
8.  Al Gore - Algore (Rush Limbaugh) Blood and Gore
9.  Rachel Maddow - The Guy on MSNBC, Rachel Madcow (Mark Levin)
10.  Chris Matthews - Tingles (from Big Peace comment)
11.  Brian Williams - BriWi (Rush Limbaugh)
12.  Chuck Schumer - Chucky Schmucky (Mark Levin)
13.  Jesse Jackson - The Reverend (Rush Limbaugh) Poverty Pimp (Jesse Lee Peterson) Jesse Jerkson (Mark Levin)
14.  Al Sharpton - Race Hustler (Jesse Lee Peterson) Al "not so" Sharpton (Mark Levin)
15.  Robert Reich - Robert Reisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshugh! (Rush Limbaugh)

Many found here. Thanks to Doug Ross for the Mark Levin nicknames
Can you think of anymore??


  1. Ricky Maddow - Mike Church

  2. How about some nicknames for Rorschach "Roar-Shock" Limburger—I mean, Rush Limbaugh? Way back when I first encountered his self-aggrandizing commentaries, I thought he was interesting. Now, he's just sad and even a bit frightening, a favorite stone-caster for me to whack with a whiffle-bat.