Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All Democrats should listen to EconTalk

Econ Talk is an amazing site and podcast.  I would recommend anyone and everyone to go and listen to the most recent show.  It's about something as "everyday" as potato chips.  But the show is how they are produced, packaged and sold to millions of Americans.  The knowledge that the guest gives is the accumulation of years of hard work and innovation.  You might not like potato chips but how they get to your grocery store is truly an amazing story that all Americans should know and appreciate.

This is what all Democrats need to listen to.  This shows how much is involved in business and innovation and the American way of doing things.  When taxes go higher and higher, sure this business will continue to make money, and do well, but more people will be left out in the cold (no jobs) as Government continues to take money from the producers.

American business should be hailed and protected and praised... not bashed, demonized and trashed.  Republicans and Tea Partiers are supportive of true business and innovation.  Democrats are the ones who want to squeeze all the life out of all the producers in this country.

Democrats don't appreciate real business and innovation.  All they care about is how much money they can get from the producers and how much they can buy votes with that money.  I'm glad that I can listen to the show and marvel at the hard work and motivation that this company represents.  I'm not jealous of their fortune.  More power to them.

Go Econ Talk!

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