Friday, July 1, 2011

NY Times Insinuates Herman Cain wants to kill 3 million people

I read a Herman Cain interview in the New York Times entitled "Ballad of the Longshot" by Andrew Goldman which was probably one of the dumbest, silliest, waste of time interviews I've ever read.  The last question sums it up nicely where Goldman insinuates that Herman Cain would like to kill 3 million people:
"You said of the Great Wall of China, “I think we could build one” as a solution to our immigration problems. Are you concerned that as many as three million Chinese died building it?"
I mean is that the dumbest question you've ever heard?  No issues.  Just questions about how Herman Cain said that Obama is not a strong black man.  

The media thinks that they can make the Republican candidates look bad by doing ridiculous interviews and not asking substantive questions.  They are the ones who look like idiots, not the candidates.

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