Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tina Dupuy is Immature- My response to "The Rich Don't Create Jobs -- We Do"

Tina Dupuy, never heard of her until I saw this joke of an article, wrote said article where she claims that the non-rich are the ones who create demand and therefore create jobs. Not the people with money. Fascinating.
What creates jobs? Demand. You and me and all the other unwashed masses demanding a product or service forces businesses to hire more people. It’s not “the rich” out of the goodness of their hearts hiring poor slobs to help them out. It’s a simple Econ 101 staple: Supply and demand.
This is interesting because I've never heard it twisted like this before. Usually the supply and demand refers to oil or crops or something. The more supply the more demand and the prices go down. But this is from the perspective of the actual people. If people demand a widget therefore the company has to hire more people to create the widget. But this theory doesn't take into consideration why the people demand the widget in the first place. Somebody had to create the widget and then create the need to enable the people to now demand more. All that comes from somebody or some people.

She goes on to talk about how tax cuts are "unpaid for" which is just so old and so devious.  Tax cuts are not paid for because it's a tax cut meaning that it was money that the government never had their greedy little hands on in the first place.  You don't pay for that... that's money that was never supposed to be in the coffers to begin with.  What it sounds like is that these greedy government bureaucrats figured those taxes into their spending and therefore when that money didn't come in it messed up all the books.  Too bad.

She goes on to quote a man who was accused of rape which is kind of weird since I've never heard of a woman who actually looks up to a rapist and pervert.  But anyway...

The end is what really annoyed me.

The Democrats are pegged as the party of “tax and spend” – but at least when you TAX and spend – the spending is paid for.  Here’s some demand-side economics: Pay for spending. Tax the rich.

At least when you tax and spend the spending is paid for?  Paid for by whom?  The tax payers!  That means all the people who pay their taxes!  They could be spending their money on many other things bolstering this economy and with that money, according to Tina Dupuy, creating more demand... but no, the government knows better how to spend your money than you do!  And spending on what?  More and more programs that are proven to not work?  I have one simple question for Miss Dupuy from the last sentence in her article: "Tax the Rich."  

Then what?

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