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Scott Brown Floor Remarks On Washington's Broken Budget: My Line by Line Rebuttal

March 31st Scott Brown spoke on the floor of the Senate:
“Mr. President, I come to the floor today to talk about the ongoing negotiations occurring between the White House, Speaker Boehner, and my colleagues here in the Senate concerning the appropriations for the current fiscal year.
“Since the beginning of the 112th Congress, the House and Senate have been trying to find common ground to finish the appropriations work for FY 2011. Instead of reaching a long-term compromise, we have passed no fewer than six short-term continuing resolutions.

Why Mr. Brown?  Why?  Because the Democrats NEVER PASSED A BUDGET.  Now we're trying to work with their mistakes!  NO.

“Six funding resolutions that provide little in the way of responsibly addressing our staggering deficit; little certainty to our trading partners; and absolutely no certainty to the world market in terms of our ability to manage our nation’s finances.
Sucks right?  That's what the Democrats left us.  We're on the brink BECAUSE of what they did!

“Sadly, rather than reaching a workable, bi-partisan solution to responsibly address our staggering deficit, which is expected to reach nearly $1.5 trillion this fiscal year, our leaders have repeatedly given us a false choice between CR proposals that either don’t go far enough to reduce federal spending and proposals that establish the wrong priorities that would disproportionately affect low-income families and seniors. One of my Senate colleagues has characterized this process as a ‘Hobson’s choice,’ and I agree.
DISPROPORTIONATELY AFFECT LOW-INCOME AND SENIORS!?!!  Sounds like a liberal.  Fear mongering.  Propaganda.  Funny, sounds like cutting our debt would hurt poor people... but real conservatives want to give those poor people the opportunity to have jobs.  How is that bad?

“I have been disappointed by the pace of negotiations between the two chambers. And I have been disappointed by what appears to be a lack of seriousness to truly grapple with our $14.3 trillion debt and our historic deficit. Unfortunately, and despite passing six different FY 2011 Continuing Resolutions, each with the understanding that passage would move bi-partisan negotiations further along, we are once again faced with the likelihood of a government shutdown.
So you just said, cutting would disproportionately affect low-income and seniors... yet you want them to be serious about cutting.  Are you trying to have it both ways Mr. Brown?!?!  By the way, SHUT IT DOWN.  SHUT THE WHOLE THING DONE!  

“Like many of my colleagues, I hope that is not the case.
Like your Democrat colleagues and RINO colleagues.  If and when the government shuts down it will be because of the Democrats.

“It’s important that we put these negotiations in perspective--this is a negotiation about half a year of spending that involves just one small part of the federal budget. We have yet to begun to talk about the truly tough choices that lie ahead.
We need to take a stand Mr. Brown.

“Mr. President, a government shutdown absolutely serves no purpose and is in no one’s best interests. It’s not in our country’s best interests; it’s not in workers’ best interests; it’s not in the global economy’s best interest. And I stand ready to do what needs to be done to ensure that we don’t shutdown the government.
NOT IN WORKERS' BEST INTEREST??  First of all, despots call the people "workers" but anyway...  A wise man once said, "Every day that Congress meets, they take a bit more of your liberty." (Mark Levin.)  ...if government could be shut down for a week... imagine.

“Now, I am encouraged by the recent developments in the negotiations, with news breaking yesterday that a possible “deal” is close or very possible. This is good news, but with six continuing resolutions under our belts already, I know better than to think we’re out of the woods and will definitely avoid a shutdown.
Any deal with Democrats is a deal with the devil.

“As I have said before--and as my colleagues know--achieving a balanced budget will not be painless. It will require tough choices and real compromise. It will require reasonable people, who might disagree on a number of policy issues, to set those differences aside and work on behalf of what’s in the best interest of our nation. I stand ready to work with each of you, to do what it takes—and to put politics aside—and work on behalf of a greater good to ensure that Congress reach a bi-partisan compromise for FY 2011 and avoid a government shutdown.
The greater good... for who?  For your re-election?  According to the Democrats Mr. Brown, the greater good is take more money from the producers in this country and give it to the consumers.  That's the greater good.  You are falling into a trap.  Seems like Ted Kennedy's Seat the People's seat had some residue left on there from Kennedy and it's rubbing off on you!

“Mr. President, our collective work begins by having a clear understanding of the seriousness of our budget crisis and what is at stake if we fail to address it. We can all agree that we simply cannot continue on this reckless, unsustainable course. Reducing and eliminating needless spending and programs are appropriate, but the needless reduction in spending, without considering economic and social impacts is simply irresponsible.
Whoa Whoa Whoa... Reducing and eliminating spending programs without considering economic and social impacts is irresponsible, I understand.  But creating and bolstering "popular" spending programs without considering the economic and social impacts is EQUALLY if not more IRRESPONSIBLE.  

“We must be mindful that many of the proposed spending reductions would disproportionately affect the neediest among us, including housing and heating assistance. Likewise, some of the proposed cuts would be economically counterproductive, negatively impacting our ability to innovate and invest in research and development.
Sorry Mr. Brown.  I can't see the difference between you and a Democrat today.  What about gas prices?  Do you think that affects the neediest among us?  What about inflation from printing so much money?  Do you think that affects the neediest among us?  

“This does not need to be so.

“Our efforts to reduce spending and rein in our deficit and debt do not need to be a false choice or result in a zero sum negotiation.
How about the simplicity of it.  We can't continue to spend on ANYTHING anymore.

“I am absolutely committed to reducing our country’s deficit and believe that deficit reduction is a necessary goal for the betterment of our country. But I am equally committed to the notion that deficit reduction should not be achieved in isolation of our priorities as a government and as a society.
And what are our priorities as a government and society, Mr. Brown?  To take money from the producers and give it to the consumers?  I don't think so.  One of the most important priorities of our government is to CREATE AN ECONOMIC ATMOSPHERE in the country that encourages people to go out and make money because they can keep most of it.  That doesn't happen right now.  The more the government spends... the less of an economic atmosphere there is.  Creating NO JOBS and NO BUSINESSES.

“Mr. President, I cannot stress enough---how we go about addressing our country’s debt and spending habits says just as much about us as country as our spending problem.
Yeah, you're right.  If we can't tackle our debt problem and spending problem it says VOLUMES about our country.

“I believe that responsible and meaningful bi-partisan support must be found and forged if we are to achieve long-term fiscal stability. And I intend to be a part of the discussions and the solutions for how to move our country forward, without eliminating programs that are successful, cost-effective, or critical to the livelihood of the neediest among us.
NAME ONE MR. BROWN!  NAME ONE successful program.  NAME ONE cost effective program.  NAME ONE critical program.  NAME just one!?  I can name one thing that the government can help with creating a good economic atmosphere... A JOB.  The government doesn't have to spend a penny on that one.  A job Mr. Brown.

“I am hopeful that my colleagues will join me in finding reasonable and appropriate solutions for how we move our country forward with a foot firmly planted on solid, fiscal ground.
Not going to happen with this brand of Democrats today.  You are sounding just like one Mr. Brown.

“Thank you, Mr. President. And I yield the floor.”

Found through Politico's post.

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