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WSJ, Think Progress, Big Government and Think Progress Again --My comments from across the Web.

Lately I've been trying to compile my comments from across the web and make them into a post. Here's the first one.

Scott Walker's Facebook Post about his WSJ OP-ED
"Great article Governor Walker. I did my best to spread the article around. Thank you for standing up for your principles and the 2 examples in your article are good. Your Brother's example and Indiana's example."
Think Progress about Representative King's Islamic Radicalization Hearing for Thursday March 10:

"Probably the funniest thing I've ever heard: Christian Extremist. LMFAO!"

From Big Government a post by Dan Riehl where he SLAMS Media Matters for not being as effective as little old James O'Keefe:

"This was a great post. Great to point out which is more effective. Funny thing is... with ACORN, the Teachers Union, and now this NPR thing and plus the Planned Parenthood scandal... for us conservatives... it's nothing we didn't know before. We already knew all this... but it's just great to get it out in the open!"

From Big Hollywood where they wrote about an HBO special about GAME CHANGE the book about the 2008 election where Julianne Moore will star as Sarah Palin:

"a movie about what happened 3 years ago that still seems to be a bad dream? No thanks."

From Think Progress and their article pointing out that a Wisconsin Republican actually admits that the bill is to get rid of unions and thus make Obama lose:

"I love these liberals. We have to allow unions to exist so that they can continue to support Democrats so that Democrats can continue to bankrupt the state and give money to unions. That's ok for the liberal. What's bad for the liberal is for a guy who has money... HIS OWN MONEY... to give to Republicans so that they can win a race. That's bad for the liberal.
Hmmm. A guy using his own money... vs. people forcing money out of the taxpayers. Hmmmm... that's a tough one."

Mark Levin's Facebook Page talking about the hidden $105 billion in ObamaCare to fund it no matter what the election result was:

Hey Mark! Thanks for your leadership on this. First time I've called my congresspeople. THAT WAS FUN! The lady who answered the phone confirmed that what Michelle Bachman said was true. I mean I already agreed but she confirmed it. OF course my congress dude is a Dem and the lady said, He is concerned fiscally...but cutting the gov't would hurt schools in your area. WHATEVER!
Think Progess again has an article about this sad story of a woman who was told by her doctor that her baby was going to die and their sober decision was to have an abortion and not allow the baby to come to term and suffer.  This was a conversation I had with a brain dead commenter over on Think Progress:

This is interesting. She watches her child die, this is inhumane. But an abortion is the same except I guess she just wouldn't have seen it. All this shows is that life is precious. What she couldn't go to the next state where she could've gotten an abortion?

another person commented:
98percenter: Republicans apparently believe the government should be able to force you to do what they have determined is best for you.Sometimes what is best for you is being forced to deliver a stillborn child and go through the same suffering that a mother giving birth to a live child would have to. Its your fault for having sex and for that you must pay. 
Since we can't rely on God to punish you, we need to see you punished for ourselves even if you don't deserve it.

My response:
What do you call ObamaCare? "Government should be able to force you to do what they determined is best for you." Somehow I think Republicans are the ones trying to defund ObamaCare.

What should happen is that each state should be allowed to make the decision. Period. Not some "law" from the Supreme Court on high.

98percenter:I call Obamacare a half-assed attempt at healthcare reform that perpetuates our pay-or-die, for-profit welathcare system, while expanding the weakest form of insurance coverage, namely Medicaid, to 30 million of the 50 million that have no health insurance, and gives billions in corporate welfare to for-profit insurance corporations.
It does attempt to regulate the worst practices of for-profit insurance corporations, such as denial based on pre-existing conditions and dumping you when they have determined they have spent more on you than you are worth.
I disagree with mandating Americans to buy a for-profit bad product.
We should have simply made Medicare available for all and cut the parasites out of the loop.
I see no reason for my healthcare dollars to go to a 1.7 billion dollar golden parachute for the former UHC ceo. Those dollars should be going to actual healthcare.
Much like republicans don't want Americans to have any option other than what for-profit insurance corporations allow, they also don't want Americans to have the option of privacy and freedom to pursue personal healthcare decisions when they realize they can exploit religiousness to garner votes from those who wish to intrude upon your privacy and impose their personal beliefs on you.
People like you should be proud of Obamacare, since it forces people to pad for-profit insurance corporations stock prices through mandated purchases and gives the same swindlers billions up front. If you are rich, you should see decent dividends. If you are not rich, you will suffer like the rest of us.
My response to that:
Wait, so you are one of the few who actually doesn't think ObamaCare goes far enough? First of all, Insurance companies don't drop people because of pre-existing conditions and if they did they can be taken to court or just move to another company. If you have a problem with ObamaCare or Medicare or Medicaid and their not giving you money... what are you going to do? NOTHING.
You said: "Republicans don't want Americans to have the option of privacy and freedom to pursue personal healthcare decisions..."

Really? Because it seems to me that's what ObamaCare and Medicare Medicaid is doing now. Sure Republicans voted for it in the past but who's advocating for Medicaid/Medicare for all???

I want this drug to save my life.
No you can't have that because it's too expensive.
But it will save my life.
Sorry, it's too expensive.

That's the story with ObamaCare. It's already happening with Breast Cancer medicine. At least with the private sector you can have a second opinion.

98percenter again:
By the way, I agree that individual states should have the option to opt out of the new healthcare law, but also think the governments of those states should do something to stop the rape of average Americans by the for-profit wealthcare regime.

I wrote in response:
But your option is that the government gives people health care.
Government has no money.
They get it from the tax payers.
Government is by default not as efficient than the private sector.
Massive fraud, waste and abuse in government programs.
Adding more people to this makes that all worse.
Plus raising your taxes and mine.
I already pay too much in taxes.
If we all got to keep a bit more of our OWN MONEY...
perhaps we could afford to pay our health care bills.

98percenter yet again:
Insurance corporations refuse to cover healthcare frequently when they claim you are applying for benefits for a health condition they claim pre-existed. There is no difference between "dumping" you and simply not covering the medical condition. In both cases you are on your own.
For-profit insurance corporations already decide which doctor-recommended evaluations and treatments they will allow you to pursue. The difference in the decision making is the profit motive for the for-profit insurance corporations. They even claim that established standards of care are experiemental as in the case of the young girl out west who needed a liver transplant which they initially refused until it was exposed. Insurance corporations have death panels fueled by a profit motive. 
Our biggest problem is the profit motive. Corporations exist to make profit regardless of the cost even to our nation. The profit motive made those medications unaffordable in the first place. The profit motive made healthcare in general unaffordable to regular Americans. We pay twice as much as the next most expensive nation when it comes to healthcare specifically because of our for-profit healthcare system.
I prefer that profit not be weighed into any decision regarding my health, and that is all for-profit insurance corporations do.
I responded with a quote from Milton Friedman:
Profit is what built this country.
The bottom line is: Somebody will ration your care. You, insurance companies or the government. The decision is up to you. If ObamaCare is implemented the decision won't be ours anymore.

Milton Friedman said: "Is it really true that political self-interest is nobler somehow than economic self-interest?"

Think about that!

I guess that shut them up on Think Progress.

Again from Think Progress talking about how Peter King's American Islamic Radicalization hearing was a crusade and an Al Qaeda recruiting tool:

I thought you all hated Bush. So what do you all care about what his people said? Somehow quoting from a Bush person makes your point?!

The funniest thing about this is that OUR country's existence is a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda, homosexuality is a recruiting tool, women existing is a recruiting tool and now Peter King's hearing is a recruiting tool. What ISN'T a recruiting tool for those morons?

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