Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ken Lay, Bernie Madoff and President Obama: Famous Last Words or Gunrunner Excuses

Obama's line came from an interview about the Operation Gun Runner scandal where ATF agents allowed guns to be purchased in the states and then brought back over to Mexico and then a couple of our brave agents were shot WITH those guns.

h/t Fox News

This guy's hand motions are really distracting.

Also from Lonely Conservative:

Asked who knew about this GunRunner, the Lonely conservative quotes and adds:
He said he was unaware of it, and that Attorney General Eric Holder didn’t know about it, either. He said the reason for their ignorance is that “It’s a pretty big government, it’s got a lot of moving parts.” Well, who grew the government by 200,000 employees? 

From Laura Ingraham:

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