Monday, March 7, 2011

Democrats Don't Care about Pregnant Women!

But then again.... we already knew that.

So much out there on web about this.  I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.

Rush was talking about it a while back here.
So here you have a pregnant woman, Democrat senator from Wisconsin, being pressured to abandon her job and democracy -- being pressured to abandon her responsibilities as a wife and mother -- to stay on the road.  This is insane!  Man these people can be cruel. These public sector union leaders can be cruel masters, and these Democrats are taking orders from them.  Imagine, as I said, if a private sector company kept a pregnant woman away from home in order to secure a contract or profit.  Imagine if this woman worked for Walmart, and she's on the road on company business and wants to come home 'cause she's pregnant and they won't let her. There would be senatorial hearings. They'd be shutting down Walmarts all over the place.  
Maggie's Notebook.

Freedom Eden

Fox Nation.

Free Republic.

From Red State:
Those twisted, sadistic FREAKS in the Wisconsin Democratic party really and truly made a woman with child go into interstate exile for two weeks?  So that union bosses could keep unlimited access to funds to fuel their politician (and other prostitutes) habit?  That is sick.  That is disgusting.
And lastly from Hot Air

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