Thursday, March 3, 2011

Definition of Projection

Erik Rush over at WND has a great piece called "Liberals and Violence: The pot calling the kettle black" in which he defines PROJECTION which is above in the dictionary with my own example. It was a great article that I would recommend to all readers.  He mentions that back in January 2011, Bill Maher talked about how conservatives want to kill people they disagree with:

Video from Newsbusters.

here's the money quote:

LENO: Now, Roger Ailes said to Fox, they're gonna scale back the rhetoric. You think this will last for any longer than a week or two?
MAHER: No, because that's the rhetoric they love. The right-wing loves, the go-to rhetoric for them is, "Wouldn't it be fun to kill the people we disagree with?" You know, they try to put across this false equivalence. [To audience] No?
Maher goes on to say that if Liberals talk violent it's ok because the people who are liberals don't have guns and are not crazy.  Wow.  I'd like to see his take on the Wisconsin Union wackos.

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