Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mr. Capitalism Kills AIDS

According to the Investor's Business Daily's Editorial called CAPITALISM KILLS AIDS:

The New York-based American Council on Science and Health this week published "Whatever Happened to AIDS?" and its findings should shame the many politicians — even some claiming to be pro-business — for whom Big Pharma is a convenient villain.
Of course liberals across the web have some other ridiculous things to say.  Here's a couple quotes from Liberals Extrordinairre:
"Read the headline. The author should f---ing kill himself."
No clue what this moron is trying to say.  Whatever.
"Now that the gays are equal no one cares about aids, it's like having a cold.."
Ok.  Sounds pretty cynical.  
"Chronic but manageable?  But not cured, and thus not killed.  Perhaps it should be re-phrased "What transformed AIDS into a lifelong revenue stream?""
This is classic liberals.  They live in a society that provides them with a cure for their own stupid behavior and they complain that those people are going to make money.  But then they would complain if the disease was never cured!  Unbelievable!
"Name one viral disease that we have ever cured."
Well, AIDS for one is preventable in most cases by proper behavior.  But that's not what most liberals want to hear.  Plus he tries to include himself in the cure of diseases.  Hilarious.  Well sir, YOU haven't cured anything because of your support of a president and leftist morons who want to tax the pants of anyone who makes money!?

Most of these quotes were found on REDDIT.  A bastion of morons and self loathing miscreants.  

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