Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey Tea Party and Republicans: There's nothing wrong with Speaking Chinese. It's the TEA party after all...

Back on January 30th 2011 on NBC's Meet the Press, a Republican Strategist Mike Murphy was talking with David Gregory about Obama and the Republicans tackling our entitlements:

MR. GREGORY:  ...I spent time with, with President Obama this week, among other journalists, and a small group with Speaker Boehner.  And what I detect out of both sessions is that there is a high level of caution about getting into the boat of taking on the big entitlements alone.
MR. MURPHY:  Right.  Right.
MR. GREGORY:  You saw what happened with health care, the Republicans used it against him.
MR. MURPHY:  Right.
MR. GREGORY:  Are we going to really see Washington get serious?
MR. MURPHY:  I hope we do because the stakes are higher than ever with the entitlement crisis we face.  And I don't want to have to learn Chinese in 10 years.

At CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) this weekend Amy Kremer of the Tea Party Express was talking about putting a conservative in the White House in 2012.  Agreed.  But her reasoning was a bit off kilter.  

She then said, 

"I'm not ready to speak Chinese.  I don't want to speak Chinese.  This is America."  

I don't agree.  I mean I agree that this is America of course.  

If, heaven forbid, Obama is re-elected in 2012 I don't think it will lead to everyone in America learning Chinese.  I know what she's trying to say.  The more Obama is in charge the more America will suck, (although not according to Michael Medved) thus making it more important for us mono-lingual Americans to start learning other languages, Chinese being an important one.

But isn't this a good thing?  Americans learning different languages?  I'm a rare American.  I can speak passable Mandarin Chinese.  My wife is from Shanghai.  We run a website that promotes Chinese culture across the world.  (No, we're not shills for the PRC government.  We're doing it out of our own capitalistic intentions.)  Learning Chinese or any language is not something that Americans should fear and want to demonize.  Americans have a respect for people who speak multiple languages.  We respect the opportunities there are for those people who are bilingual or trilingual.  

The Tea Party should not embrace those idea that Americans should not learn other languages.  Imagine the Tea Party International?  The Tea Party translating their literature in a multiple languages!?  Imagine spreading the idea of the tea party to all corners of the world!?  We know that the socialistic ideas and Marxist ideology is already in multiple languages.  Let the liberals think that English is enough.  Let the liberals make fun of themselves for only knowing one language.

I haven't heard any reaction to Mike Murphy's comment on NBC.  There was chuckling on the set on Meet the Press so I suppose that the other people agree with him.  But the reactions across the left wing media to what Amy Kremer said is pretty sad.  They immediately talk about her physical appearance.  Which is funny because you have people who anonymously post things on the internet about a person who has the guts to go public with their opinions and ideas and appearance.  

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