Saturday, January 8, 2011

Glenn Beck interviews John Boehner

I have to say that I love the Ricochet Podcast.  I've been listening I think since episode one and it's one of those things where you've been listening for such a long time that you don't even remember where you heard of it.  I enjoy the diversity of the speakers, from a Ronald Reagan speech writer to a Hollywood writer, to a Rush Limbaugh stand in host, and a National Review writer/Star Trek freak.  Their guests are great and the conversation is really good and informative.

The latest episode, number 51, Mark Steyn, who I've been missing lately and was very happy to hear his voice again, inspired me to draw the above comic of Glenn Beck and John Boehner in an interview and what might happen if the two started talking about things that make them emotional.

Keep up the good work Ricochet!  Also, can you make it possible to pay for Ricochet on PAYPAL?  I would join then!

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