Thursday, January 6, 2011

Arizona Death Panels? and a challenge to Keith Olbermann

"Arizona has the real death panels!" Keith Olbermann said...
Because some guy needed a transplant and now he is dead.
He has no insurance not one little bit,
But the tax payers should have to pay for it?
But why should taxpayers have to foot the bill
When the man made a choice out of his own free will?
"But insurance: so expensive! The cost: so high! you say...
Then tell the government to get out of the way!
And the only reason you report about this dead man
Is because Jan Brewer, the governor, is a Republican!
Soon when people report they're sick and government won't pay,
It's all from ObamaCare and to you, Obama's OK!
Olbermann is right in his most basic premise.
That government in charge of health care is a mess.
But whine and moan about this Arizona situation,
When a Democrat does the same he'll be out on vacation!
But a challenge to Olbermann IF he really cared,
Pay the bill, give YOUR money and his life would be spared!
This poem is in reference to the constant reporting on COUNTDOWN with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC of what he calls the ARIZONA DEATH PANELS.  He's positively giddy about a Republican overseeing these kind of decisions but guaranteed it won't be reported when and if ObamaCare kicks in and millions are in this guy's situation.
Here's a couple links about this story:  Tucson AZ paperArizona RepublicSeattle Post Intelligencier, Souix City Journal.
By virtue of the fact that Olbermann is reporting the story, I don't believe his premise and therefore I can't believe the story since I haven't heard all the details.  I also have not heard the story on any Conservative radio that I listen to and I listen to a lot.  I will e-mail this to all those that I am in contact with and hopefully they can shed some REAL light on this story.

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