Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell...But no Courts Martial!

Now that the "DADT" has been voted in, I have a couple questions for all of the short sighted Obama supporters out there:
1.  When the first investigation and court martial of a Gay Soldier comes for shooting civilians, are you going to protest that it was ok for him to do that because he's GAY?
2.  An Afghan plain is dotted with shepherds and their sheep.  If they see the gay soldiers they will go and tell the Taliban.  The Gay soldier shoots them.  Will that be on the front page of the NY Times?
3.  Perhaps the Gay soldier is more sensitive to those shepherds and their sheep so he won't shoot them.  And the Taliban won't shoot him because they are so happy that there are finally openly serving Gays in Afghanistan.  Right?
4.  If we are supposed to be so sensitive and accommodating to Muslims, what do you think they are thinking now in their caves.  "We've WON!" is what they are thinking.  "These Americans only care about sexual preference, not about beating us!"
5.  In the middle of a war Mr. Obama?  Repealing this in the middle of a war?  Come on now.  Do you really think that is going to help the situation over there?  Is it going to help win the war?
Even if you aren't a short sighted Obama voter, please give me your thoughts.

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