Thursday, December 23, 2010

Anthony Weiner likes entitlement programs that get bigger and bigger

I try to listen to both sides of the political spectrum to see what the other side is talking about and to strengthen my beliefs and to also get news that the conservative side won't say.  Rush won't play other talk show hosts.  Roger Hedgecock won't play long clips of Sarah Palin and so on.  So I was listening to the Dec. 22nd audio podcast of MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann (he had a fill in host and I can never remember his name) when I heard an interview with Anthony Weiner the Democrat Representative from New York's 9th district, talking about the 9/11 compensation bill recently passed in the lame duck session of Congress.  He had the most amazing quote the I had to go back and play it again to make sure I heard it right.  The funniest thing about these people on MSNBC is that their guests say the craziest things and they get away with it!  No challenges.
Anyway, Weiner said this:
"But unfortunately the tragic truth is, this is the worse type of entitlement program in that the group is getting smaller and smaller everyday because people are getting sick and dying."  -Anthony Weiner (Democrat Representative NY district 9) on December 22nd 2010 Countdown with Keith Olbermann MSNBC audio podcast 32 minutes 40 seconds.
Now I don't know what makes a person think this way.  Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.  (Thank you Michael Savage)  So according to Weiner, the best kind of entitlement program is one that gets bigger and bigger.  How does that work?  He's pleased with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the list goes on.  He's pleased with these entitlement programs precisely because they get bigger and bigger! 
This truly has some sad implications.  That means that what conservatives want, ie lower numbers in the welfare rolls, higher employment, more accessible health care with competition and less government regulation, those are all things that would shrink entitlement program numbers.  Therefore Anthony Weiner would be against that.  Wow.
Who is really interested in slavery?  Who really wants to keep people a slave to the government?
Are you against ballooning entitlement programs?
What did you think about the 9/11 compensation bill?

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